Near my house there are these little mansions built up in trees.

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Little tree houses throughout the woods and creeks


From my ‘Collections’ series of drawings.
Alternate title: (a)Celastrina aggro, (b)Lycaena hella, (c)Manioli opticus, (d)Lycaena fluffias, (e)Pararge rooticus, (f)Sweet painted lady, (g)Coenonympha pamplin, (h)Ashnia leava, (i)Pyro maplae, (j)Acornia emperor, (k)Boloria aquiloris, (l)Lysergic anna diethylafly.

Bigleaf iPhone Wallpaper

If you are visiting this site from your iPhone or iTouch: Save this image to your iPhoto Library, select the image, tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen, save the picture as a wallpaper. Done! Bigleaf is a leafy creature last spotted in Humboldt County.

Leaf Skull ink drawing

FANGORIA – Chloe Grace Moretz has landed the title role in EMILY THE STRANGE. It’s all over the web today.

My kids collected some leaves in the yard. What else do you do but throw them up in the air.

Leaves In The Air, pencil drawing, 8.5 x 11

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